5 Piece Non-Slip Rug Grippers


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5 Piece Non-Slip Rug Grippers
No More Sliding, No More Curling
Ideal for wet, hazardous areas, widely used in middle or high-grade carpets. It can overcome deformation and mounds as frequently sliding and repeatedly trampling. it can take you a comfortable feeling and a sense of security.

Rugs and carpets make your home look more beautiful, warm, and inviting. But even those gorgeous decor accessories can be a cause of concern for you when they curl up in the corners not only making the rug look unsightly and sloppy but also making you trip and slip when you step on the corners. Your kids, elderly family members, and pets are especially at a greater risk of tripping. But now you can get yourself Ruggies – the rug grippers – and prevent all such accidents and make your rugs look neat too.


Keeps rugs securely in place, preventing slips and falls
Easy to use
Works on all types of rugs
How It Works:

Place Ruggies around the edges or corners of any rug
Tacky grip polymer technology grips the rug & hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor
Ruggies grip without glue. Easy to remove, wash & reuse
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