Beautiful Afghan Kunduz Carpet 383 x 79 cm


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10 in stock


Fine Afghan Kunduz Carpet

MAKE: Handmade

Size: 383 x 79 cm

Origin: Kunduz, Afghanistan


Due its fine quality of wool and vegetable dye we call it Kunduz carpet as it defines the talent of carpet weavers in  Kunduz Province in Afghanistan, Kunduz Province is place for thousands of experienced and talented carpet weavers to name a few is Khaja Rushnayi, Kunduz Carpet, Waziri Carpet and many more beautifully designed and knitted carpets.

very fine quality Lamb wool mostly on a cotton base with very fine quality vegetable dye is making this style of carpet one of top demanding carpets in all around the world, every other year weavers are adding new colors and designs to these beautiful carpets while some are keeping the old popular Gol Mowri design which also called Bukhara design.



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  1. The photos may show the carpet slightly brighter than what actual is.

PS2: Size of the carpet may not be exact as it’s handmade and they are following the design.

PS3: Please view all photos to avoid any inconvenience.

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