Breathable & Spring Air Pillow


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10 in stock


Breathable & Spring Air Pillow

Do you want to sleep like a baby? 

The Breathable & Spring Air Pillow is the perfect solution for a restful night’s sleep. 

This unique pillow provides superior comfort and support with its combination of breathable and spring air technology, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom.


  • It is very flexible and gentle. It maintains a constant temperature and thus maintains comfort at all times. Thanks to its lattice structure, it prevents overheating, so the air can flow freely and the pillow retains its airiness. Therefore, the body does not overheat and you can indulge in a good night’s sleep.
  • It provides support and protection of the head and cervical spine so that you wake up freshly rested without the unpleasant feeling of a sore neck.
  • The material is very elastic, which adjusts to height during sleep to maintain the body’s natural curvature.


  • Colour: Purple 
  • Material: TPE Polymer
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