Electric V-Shape Slimming Face Massager


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Electric V-Shape Slimming Face Massager


  • Double Chin Chin Massager: 180 ° circle design perfectly fits the curve of the chin and wraps symmetrically, making it more effective for tightening and lifting. The triple light source layer penetrates, rejuvenates, and revitalizes the lower part of the skin. Using microcurrent massage, skin rejuvenation, and other modes, meet your different needs. Calms pores, removes toxins, cares for skin, and makes you feel comfortable
  • Three modes of care: 1. Daily skincare mode “red and blue light intermittently alternating EMS vibration”. 2. “Red and blue continuous alternating electromagnetic vibration” emergency skin repair mode. 3. Intelligent skin beauty mode “EMS vibration flashing blue light”. Double elevation of high-frequency micro-vibration, red and blue alternately revitalizes the skin. It can help you tighten your skin and shape the perfect facial line for you.
  • Adjustable Headband Design: Belt angle and length control, freely choose the angle and length to suit your skin. Drawstring for ergonomic face design conforms to facial muscles. Easy to use, you can adjust the intensity according to your needs, small and light, it does not take up much space, it can be placed in any corner, it can also be taken on a trip.
  • Electric facial massager: tighten the skin through physical methods. No side effects, gentle for all skin types, does not cause allergic reactions, safe to use. Improves skin cell vitality, improves skin problems, calms facial muscles, improves fine muscle strength, increases facial elasticity, tightens facial muscles, and shapes a V-shaped face.
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