Fluff Pets Pillowcase


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Fluff Pets Pillowcase

The perfect play pillow that’s perfect for playtime, nap time, anytime!


  • Great for bedtime, sleepovers, and snuggling. Each Fluffaluff Pet makes a great friend to take with you anywhere you go so you can play all day and have a super soft pillow when you need it!
  • The perfect play pillow that easily snap on and off the pillowcase. Collect all of the characters so you can mix and match them! Fluff them, stuff them, and hug them!
  • Made with super soft material to keep your child cozy and snug while they nap. Fluffaluff Pets have a simple snap so that your child can easily snap the fluff pet on and off the pillowcase.
  • The premium quality plush material of each character is machine washable on the delicate cycle, so you can always have your FluffALuff Pet clean and by your side, ready to nap and play every single day!


  • Material:Plush material
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Black & White, Dark Pink, White and Blue, Blue Fish, Pink Hearts