Foot Hammock


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Foot Hammock

A Hammock replacing your desk at work, is probably not going to be approved, a good compromise though, is a hammock for your feet! It’s the most comfortable way to sit at your desk – it simply hangs under your desk and raises or lowers to put you in a working or slacking mood as needed.


  • ¬†Easy to install and remove
  • The cotton rope of the hammock can be adjusted to any level desired. This means you can hang your feet low to the ground, take a more reclined position, or even pull the hammock completely up against your desk and out of the way.
  • Removable Hooks makes it possible to wash the Foot Hammock


  • 2 X Rings
  • 2 X Cotton Rope
  • 2 X Wooden Stick
  • 2 X Metal Hooks
  • 2 X Stopper
  • 1 X Cotton Hammock

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