Genesis MiniMax Vacuum Cleaner


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10 in stock

Still wasting time and effort to clean your home with that outdated jumbo vacuum cleaner with poor suction power? You need the Genesis Minimax Vac. Now, clean up those everyday messes and accidents quickly and easily. If you love pets, but hate the hassle to clean up their hair, let Genesis do the work. Even messes on your hard floors can be vacuumed up with ease. With the 5 metre extension cord, you’ll reach every corner. The rotating turbo brush removes all the dirt and debris from deep down the carpet pile, which lands up in its transparent canister that you are able to clip off, remove the micro filter and empty out. But Genesis is far more than a powerful upright vacuum cleaner! It converts into a handheld vac in seconds. The Genesis suction power easily picks up anything whether it’s nuts and bolts or everyday accidents – big or small – no problem. Genesis compact and light design combined with such extraordinary suction power makes it a must for every home. With a range of easy-to-fit attachments, you can clean up: • Pet hair from your chairs and furniture • Crumbs and messes between the cushions • That dust that built up on book shelves, ledges and even artwork • Dad’s messy workbench in the storeroom • It’s a perfect car vac to clean up the kids’ leftovers • Vacuum clean those dusty curtains and blinds • Use to clean that dusty computer keyboard Genesis Minimax’s built in turbo brush sweeps over tiles and digs deep into the piles of your carpet to remove stubborn debris. It also converts into a handvac to clean cars, bakkies and so much more.
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