Gorgeous Red Afghan Runner 576 x 78 cm


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10 in stock


Red Afghan Carpet

MAKE: Handmade

Size: 576 x 78 cm

Origin: Afghanistan


Red Afghan is one of most popular Persian Carpet all around the world, the real name of the carpet is Aqcha which is also name of place where it’s made in.

Aqcha is one of the districts of Shaberghan city in Afghanistan.

Due to difficulty in pronouncing the name in most countries it’s known as Red Afghan as it always coming in Red Color and is made in Afghanistan.


We will send you certificate of authenticity with the carpet.

Please make sure of your measurements before placing order

  1. The photos may show the carpet slightly brighter than what actual is.

PS2: Size of the carpet may not be exact as it’s handmade and they are following the design.

PS3: Please view all photos to avoid any inconvenience.

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