Intelligent Automatic Brush Mopper


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10 in stock


Intelligent Automatic Brush Mopper

Suitable for marble floors, tile floors, wooden floors and other floors!


  • One-button to start working mode, easy to operate.
  • Hidden handle design, easy to move and carry.
  • Noise reduction design, no disturbing your nap or study sessions
  • Fully automatic*Please note:Suitable for removing floating dust, floor dust, hair fibers, cotton and other fibrous objects on the ground.


  • Colour: Blue/white
  • Working Time: about 120 minutes
  • Charging Time: 6 hours
  • Material: Plastic
  • USB charging

Instructions for use: 

  • For first time use please charge it for more than 6 hours, use the original factory charging cable and the transformer must not exceed 6v.
  • After charging is complete, turn on the main switch on the chassis and then put the wipe on the chassis of the floor cleaning machine, align the edge of the round hole in the middle of the wipe with the frame of the drive wheel, and then lay it flat on the ground, press the start switch.
  • Every time the smart mopping machine is started, it can work continuously for 30 minutes without being monitored. After 30 minutes, the smart floor cleaner will stop working.
  • If you need to continue to clean the floor, you can press the start switch again and work again for 30 minutes. It can work continuously for more than 2 hours per full charge. (It is recommended to clean the wipes after every 30 minutes.)
  • The blue ones are wet wipes. After that, remove and clean the wet wipes, which must be wrung out as much as possible, and then put them on the machine for use. They are mainly used for mopping floors. Please clean the wet wipes before continuing to use them!
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