Mosquito Pest Killer


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Mosquito Pest Killer
Get a restful nights sleep without the irritating buzz of mosquitoes in your ears
Mosquitoes and other flying insects still bugging you all day long? Give the electric mosquito pest killer a try!


This Electric Insect Killer uses UV-A technology to attract house flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects and zaps them once they touch the high voltage inner grid.
No more need for potential health-hazard insect sprays with their irritating odors, poisonous vapors, and possible contamination of food.
Electrical system, power saving, can be used all day With on-off switch
Lure mosquitoes and insects with LED Black Light.
Can be hung or placed on the floor.

Available in: 2W, 4W, 6w
Colour: White
Material: ABS
2W – 30 x 24 x 6 cm
4W – 38 x 25 x 6cm
6W – 48 x 25 x 6cm
The working principle:

Fluorescent light attracts insects that pass near the metal net, causing an electric arc that kills them on the spot. Onions are weak and not deadly to humans and pets.
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2W, 4W(Sold Out), 6W