Movable Laptop Desk

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Movable Laptop Desk


  • It adopts the latest carbon fiber texture desktop, ergonomic design and colorful RGB light belt, which is comfortable and cool, and is deeply loved by the younger generation of game lovers
  • Adjustable height using the plum turn button
  • Smooth table corner design, anti-knock more intimate
  • Wide desktop for office, games, reading
  • There are 4 wheels, easy to move, and free to rotate, whether in bed.
  • Table top material: made of plywood, easy to wipe clean
  • Table frame material: made of plated steel, coated and durable, good support.
  • A laptop table beside the bed will make your life comfortable with a computer, n-otebook on your bed or a soft sofa.
  • Living room or sofa in front of the TV It is simple, elegant and elegant, and the corners of the table are rounded


  • Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 70-90cm
  • Colour: black,wood,light wood,pink
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