Multi-functional Air Vent Brush


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10 in stock


Cleaning has never been this easy!

Now you’ll be able to reach those tight and tiny spaces that accumulate dust, but are difficult to clean with ordinary cloths and dusters.

This little brush has a sliding protector. Slide it up and down to reveal more or less of the brush bristles.

Customizing it to your cleaning needs. What more can you ask for.

Perfect for car air vents, keyboards, Dials and buttons, etc.


  • Vent-Brush cleaning brush
  • Ideal for dashboard, air vents, buttons, switches, keyboards, computers, grids, etc.
  • Compact and easy to use and store
  • Perfect for cleaning small cracks that is not reachable with cloths
  • The special brush bristles dusts and holds the dust particles leaving the surface clean
  • Simply lift the guard to remove the brush to the desired length
  • Practical and handy

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