Multi-Use Cleaning Duster


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Multi-Use Cleaning Duster

Cleaning has never been easier!

Cleaning has been made easy with the Multi-Use Cleaning Duster. This flexible cleaning tool can get at every angle and design, using both shape-adjusting head and Swivel technologies. This is a duster that truly can fit your every need.


  • Flex head design conforms to your baseboards and mouldings without scratching or chipping paint
  • 360-degree swivel action makes cleaning baseboards from any angle possible
  • Collapsible handle Breaks down for easy storage
  • Use wet or dry – just rinse and reuse cleaning pad; textured fibres trap dust & lock in dirt


  • Material: stainless steel + microfiber
  • Maximum length: 135CM
  • Size: brush: 11 * 8 * 1.5CM
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