Water Pebbles 10g


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Water Pebbles 10g

Pebble Water Gel Beads are the perfect compliment to any design feature in your home or party. Whether you are throwing a wedding rehearsal dinner or reception, or watering plants in your home our clear water beads provide an attractive solution.

HOW IT WORKS: Our water beads are made from a safe and tested polymer that expands when soaked in water. It is the same polymers that are used in baby diapers, so you know it’s safe! The beads come in a form of tiny resins, and you simply soak the beads for at least 8 hours in water. They expand like magic, into marble sized clear glass pearls. They are squishy and moist to the touch but won’t leave a mess and are non-toxic for kids to play with and guests to touch.
Package contains 1x 10gram Water Bead bags

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